Sunday, July 11, 2010

Polypragmosyne Defined

Plato defined the term polypragmosyne as the seizing of power by those who presume they possess expertise in all things.   TLW isn't currently attempting to seize power, sorry, but he does claim to be expert in a lot of things, more than anybody, along with being the World's Greatest Genius (TM), so he's using this blog to publish his opinions on how the world should be run.  As an American of course he thinks of the U.S. as the boss, leader, moral example, etc., so all his views are American-centric and non-Americans must understand this or become confused.

Stay tuned for TLW's pontifications.  Hopefully only the most intelligent serious people on Earth will come here to feed their minds, and the unserious masses won't choke up the available bandwidth :)